Cultural Teachings: First Nations Protocols and Methodologies (English)


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Cultural Teachings: First Nations Protocols and Methodologies

This inspirational book is a compilation of First Nations ceremonial customs and protocols and offers some historical background information. It provides a representation of foundational teachings in order to create an understanding of respectful and appropriate behavior when attending various ceremonies, feasts, songs, gatherings, healings and other traditional activities. It eloquently maintains the spiritual integrity of these First Nations practices. Guided by narratives of Elders as the framework, this valuable book was proudly authored collectively by the staff of the Cultural Resources and Languages Department at the Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre.

Please note the cover of this book has been updated recently but the contents inside the book remain unchanged.

An Instructor's Resource Guide has been created to accompany this book.
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  • Perfect bind: 57 pages
  • Black & White
  • Publisher: Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre
  • Language Group: English
  • Product Dimensions: 8"x8"
  • Level: All Ages

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Robertson

This was an accessible introductions to basics and I learned so much from it! I am keeping it in my personal resource library and will be recommending it to others!


A beautiful primer for anyone learning and on a reconciliation journey.