ayisīnowak - A Communications Guide (English)


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In keeping with the City’s commitment to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada’s (TRC) Calls to Action #57, as well as the Strategic Plan (2013-2023) goal to enhance relations with Aboriginal organizations through the development of educational opportunities, the City has launched a new resource to enhance our understanding of Aboriginal culture and practices, called ayisīnowak [a/ee/see/ni/wak, Cree for 'the people']: A Communications Guide [kā-isi-pīkiskwātoyahk, Cree for ‘the people are communicating']. 

The Guide is intended to provide City employees  with a basic outline of Aboriginal protocol and governance systems in order to facilitate improved relationship building either as co-workers, through business opportunities, or through inclusion in specific projects.  

The Guide was developed in partnership with the Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre and the Office of the Treaty Commissioner who provided valuable information on First Nation meeting etiquette, protocols and ceremonial traditions. 

The content is presented as an adaptive and living document that will continue to develop as our relationships and understanding grows. 

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