Teaching Sacred Language Curriculum

This curriculum gives our Traditional and Indigenous knowledges a place at the front lines in the journey of reviving and preserving our languages. It is developed from a First Nation perspective with the guidance of Elders, master teachers and language champions. The main strategies are based on the oral and visual language methodologies of TPR – Total Physical Response, ASLA – Accelerated Second Language Acquisition, and gives space for the use of orthographies. Its guiding principles are the Elders outcomes acquired from the eight First Nation linguistic language groups in Saskatchewan.

Included is a holistic and seasonal year plan, stages for language revitalization, tips for working with Elders, and assessments based on a four point scale. Checklist templates for comprehension, daily routine rubrics and anecdotal records are included. The assessment templates are meant to be adaptable, modified, or differentiated. Included in the lesson plans are a structured set of 305 flashcards with contemporary pictures, designed by a First Nation youth artist to specifically coincide with the layout of the lessons. 

The intention of the framework is to assist the language program to make it non-stressful, mobile and quick to set up, with room for the lessons to be adapted for use with any First Nation language. The focus is placed on the student and self-learning where the First Nation language leads the student in a fun, unique learning style and is meant for any age group or language level.