ᐊᔨᓯᔨᓂᐊᐧᐠ ayisiyiniwak - A Communications Guide


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The goal of ayisiyiniwak: A Communications Guide is to increase
understanding, respect and awareness of Indigenous culture to
facilitate improved relationship building. This is a living document that
will continue to develop as our relationships and understanding grows.

The term “Aboriginal” is defined in Section 35 (2) of the Constitution Act,
1982 as follows: “Aboriginal Peoples of Canada includes the Indian, Inuit
and Métis peoples of Canada.”

In this document, the term Indigenous is used in place of Aboriginal
to reflect more current practice. Indigenous refers collectively to First
Nation, Métis and Inuit. Use of particular terms may be based on
individual preference or historical definitions and may include Indian,
Native or Aboriginal.

Many of the practices and teachings in the following document belong
to the Cree people, as the majority of Indigenous people on Treaty 6
Territory are Cree. We also wish to acknowledge the many Saulteaux
and Dakota people on this territory as well. As you read this Guide,
it is important to acknowledge that respectful engagement protocols,
language and teachings differ from nation to nation and even within treaty
territories. For example, content in this Guide may not be appropriate
for communication with Indigenous people in Regina, Moose Jaw and
Yorkton, which are located on Treaty 4 Territory where many Ojibwa
people live. It is up to you to gain a deeper understanding of appropriate
practices by working directly with Indigenous people.

  • 2nd Edition
  • Released: July 2019
  • Developed by the City of Saskatoon in partnership with:
         Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre
         Office of the Treaty Commissioner
  • Perfect Binding: 88 Pages
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